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Chemistry Class or Coaching in Motihari, Bihar

Chemistry Class in Motihari

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Meet Our Toppers

We are proud of our successful students who have made spectacular performances in various exams.

Nivedita Kumari

CBSE Board - 94%

Ravi Raj

AIEEE - AIR 20322

Rohit Gautam

BSEB(XII) - 84%

Kumar Sanu

BSEB(XII) - 84%


BSEB(XII) - 82%

Pawan Kumar

BSEB(XII) - 71%


BSEB(XII) - 79%


BSEB(XII) - 75%

Raju Kumar

BSEB(XII) - 74%

Dipesh Kumar

BSEB(XII) - 75%


BSEB(XII) - 72%


BSEB(XII) - 65%

Serving bihar through excellence in education

You believe in quality education, so do we.

Join the best chemistry coaching center of motihari today itself.

We take utmost care of your chemistry preparation.

Be it board or competitive exams, we have expertise in both.

Really want to succeed ?

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Campus Culture

We have got an awesome study environment at our campus.


Experience Yourself

Here, We not only educate you rather we help you to explore your capabilities.



Discipline is required at every sphere of life but it is more important if preparing for a competitive exam.


Institute Campus

The campus is full of motivation and enthusiasm helping students to feel energetic.

From Director's Desk


Chemistry plays a central and important role in all competitive examination as well as in day to day life. For last so many years, I have constantly been in touch with students, guiding them in Chemistry and looking into their difficulties for them to succeed in their board as well as competitive examinations like JEE (MAINS + ADVANCE),NEET,AIIMS.

When you join “V.K. OJHA CHEMISTRY INSTITUTE ” you become a part of the powerful force which propels you towards your goal and if you get a position among the rankers with my excellent guidance, I will think that our efforts have borne fruits.

Success Mantra
Decision Making & Planning
Strong Internal Motivation
Prepare & Work Hard
Stability & Time Management

Teaching Methodology

At V.K. Ojha Chemistry Institute , We provide a three-layered preparatory schedule to our students to ensure that they excel in JEE, NEET & AIIMS while doing equally good in board examinations.

Board PreparationBoard preparation classes for Chemistry is conducted to enhance the performance in board exams.
Regular LecturesRegular lecture classes are delivered here to develop student’s fundamentals understanding.
Sheet DiscussionRegular sheet discussion classes are conducted for discussion of question banks & assignments.
Revision ClassesRevision classes are conducted after completion of the course for relatively complex topics.

Courses Offered

Our aim is to build strong foundation of the students by providing them a three tier training to achieve excellent results in various competitive & Board exams.

1 Year Foundation

It is a one year programme which will enable you to progress onto the first year of your chosen degree course, provided the relevant progression criteria are met.

2 Year Foundation

This is two year course to develop strong foundation of concepts and their application. This course also sharpens question solving and reasoning skills of student.


Personalized attention to each individual with stage by stage academic growth monitoring. Intensive structured revision though question Bank and Daily Test Series.

Achiever Batch

Students who have prepared for Pre-Engineering in past but could not get through due to certain loopholes in there preparation. Now they wish to prepare again to achieve a good rank;

What Students Say

V.K. OJHA CHEMISTRY INSTITUTE helps students to get a comprehensive knowledge of all topics, including those in Organic Chemistry. Lets hear from some of our students !







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Popular FAQs

We work on 6 key points; Excellence in academics, Aptitude, Skills, Competitive exams, Language proficiency, Cultivating Indian values. And these points will help them to groom from every prospective.

We focused on building strong foundation of students, sharpen their skills and prepare them to face a competitive environment at National level effectively.

You can enquire by calling on our helpline number; +91 9934471881, 7352732501 or you can also visit V.K. OJHA CHEMISTRY INSTITUTE (Near - M.S. College, Chandmari, Motihari (East Champaran) – Bihar) at our office timings between 8am-7pm.

Yes, We provide 3 demo classes without Pay. You are warmly welcomed in Best Chemistry Coaching of Motihari, Bihar.

Preparing for an entrance exam is undoubtedly exhausting. However, a student can follow these tips in order to prepare well and not overburden himself at the end; Coming prepared to lectures at V.K Ojha Chemistry Institute by reading Study notes helps student understand concepts/chapters better. Solving home assignments reinforces whatever is taught in the class. NCERT chapter coverage gives immense advantage by ensuring that the Board or School exam preparation is taken care of, since entire NCERT is covered. NCERT forms the base for PMT & JEE; therefore preparation for entrance exams is also solidified. Practicing lots of questions from good MCQ books provides exposure to all kinds of questions and also helps a student to solve questions in a limited time span. Remember, for example, in PMT you need to solve 180 questions in 180 minutes (approx. one minute to solve one question). Therefore, a student should not waste time in the examination hall in making himself familiar with questions. Instead, he should simply start doing the questions, which is possible only if he has solved lots of similar questions in the past.